Break time


I think it’s time for a break.

I’m a bit burned out on writing fanfiction. I haven’t been able to write Nethaera’s challenge story for the past two weeks, but it’s not for lack of ideas. The stories are there in my head. Putting them down on paper, though, is another matter.

I spend as much time crafting fanfiction as I do original fiction. It takes just as much work. But with fanfiction, once it’s done, it’s done. I can’t do anything else with it. It can’t be published or entered in contests. It just sits there, hoping that someone might read it. And for what purpose?

It’s great practice. Nothing I’ve written has ever been a waste of time. It all helps me learn how to write, and writing fanfiction, much like writing historical fiction, teaches writers how to add their own ideas to preexisting characters and worlds. Plus, fanfiction is so much fun to write. But for now, at least, I want to focus on writing some original stories. It’s kind of sad to put so much work into stories that won’t lead anywhere. Maybe because I just passed another birthday, I’m really feeling the need to get some “real” writing done, and perhaps even published. I don’t think I’ll ever get fanfiction out of my head. I was writing fanfiction stories long before I ever put them down on paper – every tv show or movie or book that I liked seemed to spawn stories in my brain. Now, however, I want to go back to writing original stories, like I used to, and see if maybe before I reach another birthday, I can get some more writing published.  Not just stories to sit there on a blog and look pretty, but real, published stories to add to my résumé.



WoW – “Screams” again!


Topic has since been deleted, so the link won’t work anymore.  <The Dark Embrace> held a Ghost Story contest, judged by none other than Christie Golden.  My short story, “Screams”, tied for first place.  It was an honor for Ms. Golden to critique my story.  :)

Thanks to <The Dark Embrace> for hosting this contest (especially Keruptis), and really special thanks to Christie Golden for taking time to judge it.  Tied for first place!  I feel so honored.  :)

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