2016 Resolution


Truncated from my main blog.  


It makes me a sad puppy thinking about this, but it has to be done.  No, wait, I can’t be a sad puppy, that means something else entirely nowadays. But I digress.

Fanfiction occupies the vast majority of my writing time – in fact, it occupies virtually all of my writing time – and while it’s fun, it’s not helping.  Once I get back into the habit of writing original stories, perhaps my brain will be able to handle the occasional foray into someone else’s world.  But for now, it’s got to stop.   Nice coincidence that CBS and Paramount have just filed suit against Axanar, for making what amounts to a Star Trek fanfic-film.  The chances of any good (e.g., money, jobs, etc.) coming from fanfiction are slim to none.  It’s time to move someplace else. 

Besides, no “new” fanfiction doesn’t mean I can’t take the old stuff and rewrite it as original stories.  They’re nearly ready-made stories, if you think about it.  Just change a few details, put them in a new setting, and poof!  A story is (re) born.

So I have my own stories to look forward to in 2016.  Let’s hope something good comes from it.  



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