Broken Shores: on Death, Undeath, and Not-Undeath


On today’s episode of As the Azeroth Turns

…we get damned few answers to questions that have already been asked.

After pulling a Jack Sparrow (berserk compass included) and jumping right into the beast with his sword in hand, Varian may – or may not – be dead.  Conveniently, no one but Gul’dan and his minions were there to witness the event, and the camera cut away at the critical moment, so we cannot be certain that Varian actually did go boom, or if Gul’dan merely turned him into a large green rock elemental.  Varian certainly has the chin for the latter.

Vol’jin’s fate is a bit more perplexing.  On the surface he appears to have died in Grommash Hold from injuries sustained while fighting the Legion.  Surrounded by Horde leaders, he has time to point to his bandaged belly and proclaim, “The spirits have said this will take my soul”, and appoint his successor, Sylvanas Windrunner (because the spirits told him she was the right choice) before dying.

However, as loyal viewers surely recall, several episodes back, Arthas Menethil, corrupted by the same Legion, tortured Sylvanas, separating her soul from her body and turning her into a banshee.  He then forced Sylvanas to fight against her own people.  Could the Legion now be doing the same to Vol’jin?  They have his soul, like they had hers.  Will he become the Banshee King?  Did the Horde burn Vol’jin’s body or was it a look-alike?  Sylvanas managed to free herself from Arthas’ control and find her way back to her body.  Could Vol’jin do the same, if his body is being kept in hiding?

Why did the spirits choose Sylvanas?  Nerzhul was misled by his wife’s spirit telling him to join the Legion.  Could Vol’jin be the same?  And what was Sylvanas thinking as she stood there, staring at the empty throne?  Was she plotting a future where she, the Banshee Queen, and Vol’jin, the Banshee King, take over Azeroth?  Was she sketching out ideas in her head of how to redecorate Grommash Hold?  Perhaps she was judging the acoustics of the Hold to see if the Highborne Lamenters might put on a concert there.

Perhaps even more important: now that the Alliance has finally rebuilt Stormwind’s park, destroyed by Deathwing a couple of seaons ago, will they put up a monument to Varian’s chin in the graveyard?

Tune in Soon™ to find more questions and fewer answers.  Same orc time, same orc channel.


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