Born somewhere in the northern part of that mythical land called Texas, Lib Feathers has bounced around amongst worlds for many years, seeking adventure, booty, and – most importantly – stories.  It was aboard a pirate ship that she acquired the name “Feathers”.  An odd one for a pirate, Lib could read and write; the nickname “Feathers” came from the long quills she tucked into her hat band, sure as Captain Jack Sparrow carried a bottle of rum.  A wench never knows when she might be needin’ to scribble down some words, after all.

After making her fortune in the Caribbean, Feathers moved on in search of new adventures and found herself in a far-off land known as Azeroth.   She spent many a year as a shaman protecting the Horde and collecting stories of bravery and adventure to add to her repertoire before deciding to hang up her totems and seek new fortunes elsewhere.



Currently Lib Feathers is wrangling turtles and working as a seeing-eye person for a blind dog, but who knows what might happen next?  Where might her adventures take her?  If you run into someone with feathers in her hat band or Feathers in her name and she breaks into piratespeak once in a while or yells “FOR THE HORDE!” at random intervals, you might have found her.


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