Furtive Father Winter 2012: gift received


Furtive Father Winter: gift received


This is also my first year in Furtive Father Winter, a blogger gift exchange sponsored by BlogAzeroth.com.  This is the lovely gift I received – with a hand-drawn illustration!  Be sure to scroll down to see the picture, and you might need to click on it to see the whole thing.  Thank you so much, Incinderella!  


I entered the Furtive Father Winter for the first time this year. And my gift goes to you! Feel free to adjust spelling mistakes etc if you intend on publishing the gifted post below. English is not my main language so I’m sure they are in there somewhere! I have added extra images of the drawing/illustration.
I was very excited when I saw that I got to make a gift-post for a lore-writer, but also, I got a bit insecure. I cannot write stories aswell as you can. I read a couple of stories that you have written (more than once :-)). Including Baby Troll and Baby Sister, they are amazing stories and they inspired me to make you something that I am more.. well, familiar with. I drew ‘Aigrette’  – one of your persona in ‘Baby Troll’ –  I’ve only ever played female blood elves, they are elegant, and yet so powerfull. I hope you don’t mind that I also made an attempt to write you a small story around/about the drawing. I hope my vain attempt in Aigrette’s thought process won’t offend you, and I hope you will like the drawing that I made.
Have a merry, merry christmas, and I hope you’ll keep writing these captivating stories after this year has ended – inspiring artists like me all across Azeroth.
‘Was someone watching me?’ – Aigrette wondered
She felt the pree-ing eyes of an unknown presence as the little troll baby played with a lock of her lucious blond hair
Who had left her here? – Looking at the baby she held loosely on her hip – Had she wandered into the forest, alone, without the supervision of her parents?
She had given the baby a sip of her waterskin a couple of minutes ago, but she still wondered if the baby was still thirsty.
She was too young to be a mother, but yet, taking care of a little baby seemed almost effortless to her.
Again, she heard a rustle coming from behind her
This time she noticed the shadow of a creature, crouched on the hill north from the Sanctum
She couldnt see much but the sillouette of a male troll, he had a longbow on his back – a hunter, she knew.
The preeing eyes she felt in her back ever since she had picked the baby up – They were looking in her direction – When the leafs of the treee would sway quietly with the wind, the sun allowed to reflect its light into the deep orange eyes that he had
She didn’t know alot about the creatures that roamed these forests, her sister would tell her stories about the Jungle trolls that live south from here – But she had never encountered one untill this day.
A worrying thought struck her mind, what will happen now?

Incinderella – Incinderella’s Fashion Emporium



originally published December 26, 2012.


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