Furtive Father Winter 2013: Gift Received


A nice little story from Jojo Z. of http://admiring-azeroth.blogspot.com/ , about a Darkspear troll.  Long live Vol’jin!   🙂

The New Warchief

It was a hot and humid day on the Echo Isles and the water that separated it from the mainland of Durotar was clear as glass. Trollup, a young troll druid, had done all the training she could on the Isles and was headed for Sen’jin village. She had decided to swim to the mainland rather than travel by boat as it gave her a chance to cool off in the water and wash the sand from in-between her toes. It always got stuck in-between her toes and she hated the gritty feeling it gave her.

Trollup had had a rather quiet life on the Echo Isles with much of her family at war fighting to overthrow Garrosh Hellscream and return glory to the Horde. She was keen to meet other young Darkspears like herself and she had high expectations for the village; after all it was named after the mighty Sen’jin himself.


 As she reached the shallower water Trollup was able to stand and walk from the water’s edge up onto the beach. Before her stood a large stone archway marking the way to the village, she passed under it and headed up the sandy bank. She reached the top of the slope and the village stood before her.

Sen’jin village was located on the edge of a wooded area and was smaller than she had imagined. Despite its meagre size it had all the commodities she would be needing and the trainer she was seeking – Den’chulu.

Initially Trollup thought the village was deserted as it stood so still and quiet. It was only then that it dawned on her – she had not seen a single Watcher or resident on her way to the village. The only sound came from the tree’s rustling in the breeze. She headed a little farther into the village centre before seeing a mass of trolls off to one side.


It seemed as if the whole village had gathered around a tiny, yet roaring, fire. They all stood motionless; except for a single male troll he was dancing and throwing things into the flames. His hair was as bright as the flames themselves and he had wooden voodoo masks on his shoulders – he was surely the village witch doctor (in training) Bom’bay. She headed gingerly towards the crowd.

“What ya be watchin’, mon?” she whispered to a young male troll at the edge of the crowd.

Without even so much as glancing at her the male replied, “Garrosh be dead, mon. We be waitin’ to see if Vol’jin’s the new warchief.”

But before she could even so much as question how and when Garrosh had died the fire erupted into a ball of flames and smoke. The crowd gasped and Bom’bay chucked one final handful of black powder onto the fire. The flames seemed to stop dancing, instead moving much slower and more with purpose – finally assembling into Vol’jins face.

“Praise the Loa”, Bom’bay yelled throwing his hands into the air, “Vol’jin be de new warchief mon”.

That night the Darkspear trolls of Sen’jin village partied into the evening when, finally, word reached them from Orgrimmar – Vol’jin really was the new Horde warchief.


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