2016 Resolution


Truncated from my main blog.  


It makes me a sad puppy thinking about this, but it has to be done.  No, wait, I can’t be a sad puppy, that means something else entirely nowadays. But I digress.

Fanfiction occupies the vast majority of my writing time – in fact, it occupies virtually all of my writing time – and while it’s fun, it’s not helping.  Once I get back into the habit of writing original stories, perhaps my brain will be able to handle the occasional foray into someone else’s world.  But for now, it’s got to stop.   Nice coincidence that CBS and Paramount have just filed suit against Axanar, for making what amounts to a Star Trek fanfic-film.  The chances of any good (e.g., money, jobs, etc.) coming from fanfiction are slim to none.  It’s time to move someplace else. 

Besides, no “new” fanfiction doesn’t mean I can’t take the old stuff and rewrite it as original stories.  They’re nearly ready-made stories, if you think about it.  Just change a few details, put them in a new setting, and poof!  A story is (re) born.

So I have my own stories to look forward to in 2016.  Let’s hope something good comes from it.  



I haz a novel


Finished NaNoWriMo today, and for the first time I can say I have a novel.  A whole novel.  It still needs work, but it’s there – beginning, middle, and end.  Characters and plot (more or less) and all that jazz.  It’s an idea I’ve played with for quite a while.  Back in July or August, I sat down and wrote a basic outline, and in September I wrote a rough draft.  Now I’ve gone through the rough draft and turned it into a good, solid first draft.  But…

It’s fanfiction.  Based on WoW, of course.  I can’t publish it.  Not as is, anyway.

Now I have to decide what to do with it.  The following options come to mind:

  1. Nothing.  Set it aside, be proud of myself for having completed it, and move on to something else.
  2. ‘Publish’ it online, as is.  I’ve read fanfiction novels online.  It’s a possibility.
  3. Rewrite it to remove the WoW parts and try to get it really published that way.

At least I don’t have to decide now.  It can sit there and wait till I decide what to do.  (Yes, I’ve got it saved in a couple different places.)  Meanwhile, I’ll pat myself on the back, start looking at Christmas lists, and go play some WoW.  I hear Koltira Deathweaver is coming back in Legion, and my death knight wants to be ready.  She’s still got a couple levels to go before she hits 100.



I got to see the big Gamescom reveal yesterday for World of Warcraft: Legion.  They timed it well, it was on right before I left for work.  Afterward, I’d rather have stayed home and read the websites and discussed the possibilities, but that’s how it goes.

My opinion of Legion?  To borrow words from Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn:

“And naturally I’m reticent.  Oh yes, I’m reticent.” 

I remember being so excited when the Warlords of Draenor trailer came out.  Grom!  Blackhand!  Orgrim!  All the legendary orcs from the original Horde!  The ones I’d only read about – finally I’d get to meet them in game.  I could hardly wait!

I have 3 level 100s, and I’m still waiting.

My worgen got to see Grom while questing through Shadowmoon Valley.  One of my Hordies saw him for a minute on the PTR when she was captured and imprisoned as a gift to the warchief.  But that’s about it.  Most of the rest of it consisted of cutscenes and cinematics, with the legends kept out of reach of my toons.  Not once did I get to talk to them or run errands for them.  Not one hi, how ya doin’.  Not a single hey, I’m hungry, go find me a dozen boars’ legs and I’ll give you a couple silver.  The rest of it, I suppose, is in raids (which I haven’t done as my guild is pretty much non-existent and I don’t really have time, anyway) where all you get to do is kill the legends, not interact with them like I’d anticipated.

I have nothing to write from WoD.  It didn’t inspire any fanfiction.  My old rogue, cousin to the original Grom, came out of retirement to go to Draenor to see for herself who this other Grom was, but she never caught a glimpse.  Watching Thrall duel Garrosh really put a blanket on her fire.  After she built a shipyard, she got bored and went back to Azeroth to play with her grandchildren and tell them stories of the glorious good old days, when men were men and orcs were orcs and fighting was hand-to-hand, not hidden behind a camera.sync ship

Maybe the Legion will bring some new ideas and characters and inspire some new writing.  Hard to say till I get there and see.  Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my ‘real’ blog and my original fiction – what there is of it.

As always, For The Horde!



If you guys haven’t played Warlords of Draenor yet, you’re missing out on something savage.  Yes, it had a hard time getting off the ground due to some naughty, naughty people, but once they got that straightened out, it’s been amazing.  Enchanting, even, with all the little surprises and all the new lore.  Should inspire some interesting fanfiction!  I’m hoping Santa will bring me some game time so I can play some more.

Break time


I think it’s time for a break.

I’m a bit burned out on writing fanfiction. I haven’t been able to write Nethaera’s challenge story for the past two weeks, but it’s not for lack of ideas. The stories are there in my head. Putting them down on paper, though, is another matter.

I spend as much time crafting fanfiction as I do original fiction. It takes just as much work. But with fanfiction, once it’s done, it’s done. I can’t do anything else with it. It can’t be published or entered in contests. It just sits there, hoping that someone might read it. And for what purpose?

It’s great practice. Nothing I’ve written has ever been a waste of time. It all helps me learn how to write, and writing fanfiction, much like writing historical fiction, teaches writers how to add their own ideas to preexisting characters and worlds. Plus, fanfiction is so much fun to write. But for now, at least, I want to focus on writing some original stories. It’s kind of sad to put so much work into stories that won’t lead anywhere. Maybe because I just passed another birthday, I’m really feeling the need to get some “real” writing done, and perhaps even published. I don’t think I’ll ever get fanfiction out of my head. I was writing fanfiction stories long before I ever put them down on paper – every tv show or movie or book that I liked seemed to spawn stories in my brain. Now, however, I want to go back to writing original stories, like I used to, and see if maybe before I reach another birthday, I can get some more writing published.  Not just stories to sit there on a blog and look pretty, but real, published stories to add to my résumé.