murlocs: The Noisy Thing


First there was a noise like thunder. Then it got louder. Much louder. Curious, the murlocs moved up the beach toward the noise.

Soon it came bouncing over the hill, squeaking and rattling and trailing smoke. And the murlocs could see two adventurers sitting atop the noisy thing. It didn’t seem to be an animal, but the adventurers rode it like one. One of the adventurers saw the murlocs and pointed, and the noisy contraption turned toward them. It stopped suddenly, spewing a huge cloud of sand, and the adventurers jumped off.

The noisy thing kept thundering while the two adventurers came toward the murlocs. Both had shiny metal things in their hands and yelled as they dove toward the crowd of murlocs. They swung the shiny things wildly, but the murlocs ducked and ran and circled around, and soon the adventurers could not swing the metal things anymore. Murlocs swarmed over them. The murlocs hit and bit and kicked, and in minutes, both adventurers lay on the sand, unmoving.

The murlocs massed over the adventurers’ bodies, tearing off clothes, digging into pockets, ripping open backpacks and looking for goodies. There was food – some fish that disappeared into the murlocs’ mouths as fast as they could cram it in. There were potions that tasted so nasty the murlocs spit them out and threw the bottles far across the beach. And there were other strange metal things and cloth things that the murlocs could not identify and had no use for, so they simply left those on the sand to rot.

The noisy thing still thundered at them. The murlocs moved toward it. One went first, then a second, then several more joined in.

mech mur 2

The murlocs approached cautiously, ready to attack. But the noisy thing did not move. It sat there on the sand, rudely belching smoke, but it made no move toward them. The murlocs were cautious, but they were not afraid. There were too many of them and they were far too clever to be afraid. They moved closer.

The noisy thing did nothing but make more noise.

The murloc chief walked right up and poked the thing with his hand. Still it did nothing. Another murloc joined him, and they both poked. When the noisy thing did not react, the chief climbed on top of it as the adventurers had done. Careful of his balance, he stood up atop it. Then he raised both hands in the air and shouted in triumph. The noisy thing was conquered.

In less than an instant, the other murlocs piled onto the noisy thing. It had plenty of places to climb and to sit, and lots of oddly-shaped metal things to prod and turn and investigate.

Suddenly the noisy thing moved. But it didn’t just move. It shot off across the sand so fast that half a dozen murlocs tumbled off in its wake. The other murlocs grabbed onto anything they could find, even each other, to hang on.

The murlocs screamed with terror or glee, or perhaps both. Sand pelted their faces. They could not stop the noisy thing. It rushed at immense speed along the beach until finally the beach curved and the noisy thing didn’t, and then the noisy thing, murlocs and all, plowed headlong into the sea.

The murlocs were happy in the sea. It was their home. But the noisy thing didn’t seem to like it at all. It burbled sickly, sputtered a few times, and then it ceased making noise. Slowly it fell over on its side and sank down to lie flat in the sandy bottom of the sea.

The murlocs shouted, this time with glee. They swam around the noisy thing, now not noisy anymore, and pulled it apart. It had lots of little shiny things to play with, though none of them seemed very useful. When thick black stuff poured out of it and fouled the water, the murlocs decided they’d had enough, and they swam away from it.

But the chief kept one pretty thing that looked like a crystal, and tied it around his neck with some vine-like stuff he found in the adventurers’ backpack. It was his trophy to remind him that no one, not even a strange noisy thing, could beat the murlocs.




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