orcs: Speculations on the Early Life of a Hero


One of Azeroth’s greatest heroes came from Draenor, born to a pair of unnamed orcs in the Warsong clan. We know little of his early life or his family. If he had any brothers or sisters, aunts or uncles, cousins or grandparents, so far, none have come forth to claim him as a relative. Only his son acknowledges being of the same blood, but that is another story. For this report, we shall consider his early years and what his life must have been like. It is impossible to truly understand a hero if you do not know his origins.

His parents named him Grommash, meaning ‘giant’s heart’.   One has to wonder why they endowed him with that name. Since they were Warsong, it would have been more fitting to name him ‘giant’s axe’ or ‘giant’s strength’ or some other appropriate warrior-related name, given that the Warsong had a reputation as fierce fighters. Perhaps his parents had other aspirations for their son.

Grommash, or Grom, however, had aspirations of his own. From what little we do know of him, we can surmise that Grom was very intelligent, very independent, very good at combat, and very loud. The lattest we can guess from his nickname, ‘Hellscream’. Grom also must have had a great deal of stamina, for he managed to lie still without sweating for several hours while a tattooist hammered black ink into his jawline, leaving him with a permanent (albeit artificial) beard. One might guess that this tattooed beard may have substituted for his lack of real facial hair. Legend has it that Grom became chieftain of the Warsong clan at a young age – perhaps he was not yet old enough to grow perceptible facial hair and thus succumbed to a tattoo in order to make himself look older. This could indicate that he was something of a child prodigy.

A few calculations based on an uncertain timeline point to Grom becoming a father at an early age. This is not surprising, either. With his reputation as wild and perhaps even ‘bad’, Grommash surely would have been quite popular with the orcish young ladies. Orcs greatly respect strength and power and what one could politely call ‘intestinal fortitude’, so his propensity for action and his skills as a blademaster put him in an enviable position as to popularity with the opposite sex. One can easily imagine females frequently inviting him for courting hunts. Considering such a situation, it seems odd that he fathered only one child. Perhaps there were other children who have yet to come forth, or perhaps the orcish females had better sense than to conceive a child with one so wild and wooly as Grom Hellscream. An overabundance of derring-do does not necessarily make one good at changing diapers.

Returning to his own birth, it seems likely that Grom could have been an only child, as only children are often highly intelligent and likely to succeed. Also his parents would have been able to spend plenty of time teaching him the three R’s: reading, writing, and raiding. An only child would also be more inclined to be a bit spoiled and accustomed to having his own way, which Grom demonstrated many times in his later years.

Putting all these speculations together paints what seems an accurate picture of Grom Hellscream. During his younger years, he would have been smart, spoiled, and wildly popular with the girls, all of which would have imbued him with an unshakeable sense of self-esteem. Only one with a very solid belief in his own abilities would have been capable of holding the position of clan chieftain at a young age, or been bold enough to break etiquette by pushing Warchief Blackhand aside in order to be the first to drink Mannoroth’s blood. And only one who had such strong self-confidence would have been so incensed to find out that Mannoroth had controlled his actions that he would give his own life to defeat the pit lord.

No one was stronger than Grom. No one was bolder. No one told him what to do. In his own determination to prove that no one had power over him, not even a demon, Grom released himself and the rest of the orcs from Mannoroth’s control, and proved once and for all that Grommash Hellscream was the greatest orc of all, even though he may have been somewhat insufferable at times.

This has been another challenge story suggested by Nethaera.  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12945294941?page=1#9




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