trolls: Baby sister


—Blizzard Entertainment is the brains behind World of Warcraft and its rich characters and lore.  It would be impossible to play such a game and not write about it. —

This original version of this story, titled “The Darkspear”, is on  It has been revised and retitled and yes, it may be the start of something much bigger.  This is also a companion story to “Baby troll”.

Baby Sister

The Springpaw lynx ran faster than Bosou expected.  The young troll followed the lynx as far as he dared, but eventually he had to admit defeat.  Cussing under his breath, he watched the animal disappear through some bushes.  He hated to let the animal go – they had not had meat in two days – but his mother had trusted him to watch the baby, and Bosou could not leave her by herself too long.

Muttering to himself, Bosou trudged back to the sheltered of trees where he had left his sister.  His mother had trusted him to watch the baby while she went to locate the Amani trolls she was to treat with, and Bosou would not let his mother down for anything.  With his father dead only a few months, Bosou was now the man of the family.  He paused on his way back to grab a few handfuls of the strangle little berries that grew in Quel’Thalas.  Even if they had no meat, he would not let them starve.

Closer to the trees, Bosou heard voices.  He froze, just for an instant, then drew his bow, nocked an arrow, and slipped quietly across the grass.  The voices were coming from the shade trees where he had left his sister.

Then he saw them.  Three elves stood in the shade – a dark-haired male and two females, one brunette and one blonde.  The blonde female held the baby in her arms.  Bosou had never seen elves this close up before, and he quickly assessed them.  Though he had many years of growing ahead of him, he already stood as tall as the females and only a few inches shorter than the male.  He could handle them.  Bosou raised his bow.

“Put my sistah down!” he demanded.

The elves turned.  The baby burbled at him and smiled.  “Bosou!  Hi!”

“Put – her – down!”  Bosou repeated, spitting out each word with deliberation.

The elves spoke to each other in their own language, then the dark-haired female addressed Bosou.  Her voice was solid, strong, unafraid, and her gaze seemed defiant, but he had no idea what she said.

“You put my sistah down,” he ordered again, bow still raised, ready to let the arrow fly.

The dark female seemed to ask him a question.  He glared.  Why did they not obey when he was armed?  And why was his sister not fighting them?  Though she was still very young, she was already strong and smart.  Their mother had warned them both to stay away from the elves.  She should know that much.  Had they cast some spell over her to keep her quiet?

“Hi,” the baby said again.

Bosou lowered the bow a fraction of an inch to look at his sister.  The baby was not old enough yet to have earned a name, so they simply called her Aka, meaning daughter.  “Aka!  Why you stay wit’ them?  Get down and come to me now.”

Aka smiled and patted the elf’s pale hair.  “Nice.”

Bosou’s eyes narrowed.  They must have charmed her.  “I tol’ you to put my sistah down.  Now!”

The elves consulted each other again, and then the male spoke.  He offered Bosou a waterskin which the troll refused to even acknowledge.  Bosou realized that must be what they used on Aka.  The water must be tainted, and they had forced her to drink it.  He must get her away from them.  He could fire two arrows in no time at all, take out the dark-haired elves, and that would leave only the blonde who held Aka.  Bosou straightened up to his full height and puffed out his chest.  He was a Darkspear.  The son of two warriors.  Both his parents had been strong and fierce.  They would not be afraid of three puny elves, and neither was he.  But why did the elves stand there so calmly?

The male elf gestured toward the land behind them and spoke more words Bosou could not understand.  He moved a few steps away and the females went with him.  Then they stopped, the male gestured again and repeated the words.

“What you want?”  Bosou demanded.  “I don’ know what you sayin’.”

The male shrugged.  He said something else to the females, and then the elves turned their backs on Bosou and started away, his baby sister still perched on the female’s hip.

“No!  You cannot take her!”  Bosou raised his bow again and pulled back the arrow.

Suddenly his vision blurred.  His arms and legs tingled, and the bow slipped away from his fingers.  When his sight cleared, the ground was oddly close to his face.  And there was something wrong with his nose.  It seemed shorter and strangely shaped.  He tried to reach up to touch his nose but as he moved one hand, he fell flat.  It wasn’t a hand at all.  It was a cloven hoof at the end of a leg covered with curly white fur.  One of the elves must be a mage, for he had been turned into a sheep.

Blind with anger, Bosou struggled to get to his feet.  Leave it to elves to pull such a dirty trick.  They would regret turning him into a sheep.  He would see to that.  He shook his distorted body, hard, trying to shake off the spell even though he knew it did no good.  He would just have to wait for it to wear off.  Meanwhile, he managed to focus his vision enough to see the elves walking away from him.  He tried to follow but could only totter in uneven circles.  Finally his vision blurred again, another quick tingling ran through him, and then he was flat on the ground in his own familiar blue skin.

Snatching up his bow, Bosou ran after the elves and seized the arm of the female who carried Aka.  “You don’ take my sistah!”

The blonde smiled at him but the dark-haired female stretched her hand toward Bosou and spoke again in that unintelligible language.

Bosou released his grip.  This dark-haired female must be the mage who sheeped him, and her words sounded like a warning that she would do it again.  Bosou cussed her out roundly.

The blonde, shifting his sister slightly on her hip, continued to  smile but her emerald eyes seemed empty.  Elves’ eyes did not even have pupils, and that worried Bosou.  There was something not right about the whole race.  Stealing babies and giving them tainted water?  They all needed to be exterminated.

The blonde elf spoke softly, and with her free hand indicated that he should follow them.  Then the elves continued walking.

Bosou ranted till he had run out of cuss words.  There was nothing he could say that would equal the incomprehensible dishonor of what they were doing.  His mother would never stand for this disgrace, and he could not, either.  One hand reached for an arrow but he did not actually touch it.  He knew what would happen if he did.  Instead he threw his arms out to the side, opened his mouth wide, and emitted a wordless ear-splitting screech into the empty air.

The elves did not show enough decency to even flinch.  Aka, however, turned her head back to look over the elf’s shoulder at him.  She waved her chubby blue hand in his direction.

“C’mon, Bosou,” she said.  “C’mon.”

Tears wanted to come to his eyes but he gritted his teeth and forced them away.  He was much too old to cry.  “Aka!”

He had little choice but to follow the elves.



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